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Our working principle is client satisfaction. Clients essentially approach us based upon prior recommendation, which strengthens and spreads our good name and reputation. We are a law firm that does not exacerbate disputes unnecessarily, however, we certainly do not avoid them and when necessary, we are uncompromising in pursuing client’s interests and in achieving our common goal.

We strive to offer solutions of high quality, efficiency, but still as simple as possible. We believe that a good lawyer must be professional, good with people, accessible, with excellent communication skills – someone you can truly trust and could likewise be discussing matters over coffee.

The law office Cerar Žugelj is located in the city center of Ljubljana. Call our office at +386 1 433 21 18 to make an appointment. You can also write us at or

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Odvetnik Uroš Cerar Žugelj

Fields of expertise

Labor (labour) law

Recovery of debt and insolvency law (and/or prior recovery of receivables)

Property and real estate law

Damages compensation

Personal data protection

Criminal law

Corporate contractual and commercial law

Banking and finance

Sports law


A good attorney-at-law is required to comprehensively understand clients’ problems and wishes. The fundamental task of a lawyer is to listen to clients, understand them, put himself in their shoes and examine all possibilities for solving a problem, not only legally (e.g., recovery of a claim) but also alternatively (e.g., sale of a claim). A good lawyer must present the client with realistic possibilities of success and profitability of the dispute (cost estimation) and consult with the client before choosing an adequate solution.

Odvetnik - Uroš Cerar Žugelj

Our partners

prof. dr. Miro Cerar, PF Ljubljana
ad hoc consultation on individual constitutional issues and legal argumentation